Urgent Action Needed! DTSC Draft EIR Breaks SSFL Cleanup Commitments

The Dept. of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has finally released its draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the SSFL cleanup. The EIR violates the AOC cleanup agreements DTSC signed with the DOE and NASA for full cleanup of their SSFL areas. For Boeing’s part of SSFL, the EIR blocks from even being considered cleanup to the standards DTSC hand long promised. (You can read the draft EIR here.)

The EIR also omits cancer risk information and hypes potential negative impacts of the cleanup, presenting a very inaccurate assessment of the SSFL cleanup. Tell DTSC to keep its promises and require ALL SSFL contamination to be cleaned up!

To make matters worse, Boeing has pulled out all the stops by releasing a website called “Protect Santa Susana” urging people to submit comments to DTSC and elected officials recommending a cleanup that would leave most of the contamination not cleaned up!

The Rocketdyne Cleanup Coalition and other cleanup advocates have launched a new website, Protect Santa Susana from Boeing, to fight back and bring attention to the Boeing Company’s unscrupulous efforts to walk away from cleaning up most of the nuclear and chemical contamination at SSFL by claiming it is “protecting” the polluted site. Our website also reveals why we urgently need the community to take action by submitting a comment to DTSC.

Comments on the draft EIR are one of the most important and final opportunities for the public to weigh in on the cleanup. Please tell DTSC that it must uphold the AOC cleanup agreements and demand that Boeing cleanup ALL of the contamination on its property!

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