Concerns About SSFL Contamination Force Simi Valley to Put Groundwater Plans on Hold

Community members protest groundwater proposal at Simi Valley City Council meeting Aug. 13, 2018

In response to community concerns, the City of Simi Valley has put plans to use Simi’s groundwater for drinking water on hold. (See Ventura County Star article here .)

The City’s decision came after community demonstrations organized by Parents vs. SSFL, a group founded by parents whose children have cancer and live near SSFL. Community members also expressed concerns at the Simi Valley City Council and neighborhood council meetings.

Perchlorate, a toxic component of rocket fuel used in vast quantities at SSFL, has been found in Simi Valley wells at levels that exceed state drinking water standards. A 2006 report by Dr. Ali Tabidian indicates that Simi’s perchlorate likely came from SSFL. Perchlorate disrupts the thyroid gland, which regulates metabolism in adults and helps children with growth and development. In expectant mothers, impaired thyroid function can impact the fetus and newborn, resulting in delayed development and decreased learning capacity. Other contaminants from SSFL have also been found in its groundwater, including trichloroethylene (TCE) and radioactive tritium.

Media coverage of the demonstrations and meetings is below.

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