Who Controls the SSFL Cleanup? Boeing or the Public? Learn More at the SSFL Work Group Meeting Feb. 4
Who Controls the SSFL Cleanup? Boeing or the Public? Learn More at the SSFL Work Group Meeting Feb. 4 The Work Group will discuss • Proposed permit that would allow more migration of contaminants in surface water runoff from SSFL • Recent court ruling on disposal of SSFL radioactive debris • Efforts to work with communities that are similarly impacted by the failure of the state toxics department • Cleanup myths propagated by Boeing • And more!

Tentative New Water Permit Will Relax Already Weak Pollution Limits for Boeing

The headwaters of the LA river are located at SSFL. Photo by William Preston Bowling.

A tentative new 180 page water permit released by LARWQCB, if approved, would further relax the already weak pollution limits for Boeing and allow increased amounts of contaminants to migrate off SSFL in polluted runoff. A hearing for this permit is currently scheduled for February 12 at 1:30 pm. – please attend and speak out for a stronger permit.

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Court Denies Boeing Request to Dispose of Radioactive Debris Without Agency Oversight


On January 5 the Sacramento Superior Court of California denied Boeing’s motion to summarily grant judgment for them and allow them to dispose of radioactive waste from dismantlement of contaminated SSFL buildings wherever they chose, and without getting approval from state agencies.

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Court Decision Has No Impact on Meltdown Site Cleanup – DOE and NASA Santa Susana Cleanup Agreements Untouched


September 19, 2014 – Today’s appeals court decision in a lawsuit Boeing filed back in 2009 will not affect the cleanup of the former reactor and rocket testing facility near Simi Valley, cleanup groups said.

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Report Exposes Boeing Efforts to Derail SSFL Cleanup


A new report reveals the extent of Boeing’s efforts to derail the SSFL cleanup. The report recommends that DTSC fully enforce the legally binding Administrative Orders on Consent signed by NASA and DOE, and that Boeing be compelled to clean up its portion of Santa Susana to the land’s agricultural zoning/general plan, as DTSC committed to in the prior Administration. Click here to read the report.

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Community Thankful for Return of the SSFL Work Group

Ethan presentation

Community members living near the Santa Susana Field Laboratory expressed appreciation and support for the return of the SSFL Work Group at its first meeting in over two years on February 5, 2014.

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Judge Halts DTSC Approval of SSFL Radioactive Debris Disposal

Area IV of SSFL - photo by William Preston Bowling

On December 11, 2013, the Superior Court in Sacramento issued a preliminary injunction, blocking the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) from approving shipments of radioactive debris from the demolition of SSFL Boeing nuclear buildings to unlicensed disposal sites.

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NASA Flooded With Thousands of Comments Demanding Full SSFL Cleanup


Thousands of commenters on NASA’s draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the cleanup of its portion of the badly polluted Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) demanded NASA fully meet all its obligations under its cleanup agreement, which requires cleanup of all detectable contamination.

Pictured left: Tens of thousands of rocket tests, like the one shown here, have contaminated NASA’s property at SSFL with TCE, perchlorate, dixions, PCBs, heavy metals and other hazardous chemicals.

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RCC featured in KNBC and KCBS News

Holly DawnDaveBryan

RCC members were featured in KNBC and KCBS news stories about the disposal of radioactive waste from SSFL to sites not licensed to accept such waste.

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SSFL Cleanup FAQs


Community Spotlight

Bonnie Klea was profiled in a VC Reporter cover story entitled, "Atomic Avenger." Read more

SSFL Cleanup on KCRW

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